Monday, May 30, 2011

summer has finally arrived

Today, summer finally arrived. With a beautiful 90 degree beach day, I'm sorry to hear it's going to be 50 and hail tomorrow. However, we made the most of today and had a wonderful time at Pike Lake! We went to the lake with Grandma Horstmeyer and Uncle Billy, Aunty Nicole and Aiden. Being there only a few hours we all managed to get lots of good sun (except the kiddos). Gretchen slept in a little beach pop-up tent with the cool lake breeze (thanks a million to my cousin Melinda). Char played with Aiden in the sand and practiced their skills at making sand castles with really long rivers. I know this is just a sneak peak at what summer will look like. With such a great beach only 5 miles from the house, we'll be there often.

Gretchen also got to test out the jumperoo today and I think she liked it! Time to work those muscles!

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