Sunday, May 29, 2011

baptized in Christ

Today was a special day. Gretchen was baptized into the Lord's family and we celebrated with two cakes and lots of family.  It was a beautiful morning and a beautiful mass at Lumen Christi in Thiensville. After mass we joined two other families for the baptism of our daughters. Both Gretchen and Charlotte were so good during the mass. It was hot and they were being patient and fairly quiet; that's about as good as it gets with two kiddos in church!

Getting baptized.
Gretchen was so tired she fell asleep on me during the baptism. Uncle Billy and Grandma LaPean helped as her Godparents. Bill got to hold her over the fountain during the baptism-- it was very special. She's just a sweetheart and this was just another amazing step in our lives. By the way, Gretchen is 4 months already!! We have her 4-month check-up on Tuesday so I'll have some details then.
Deacon Joe, Me (Gretchen), Kevin, Uncle Bill & Grandma LaPean
Afterwards we all traveled back to the house for some good grillin'. Unfortunately it rained a little, but still a great day. Charlotte was a trooper! For a little girl that still needs an afternoon nap, she was a good kid! The life of the party, she was running around the house and sure gave everybody some belly laughs. When company was just about leaving I set her up in the man cave with a movie and she passed out before it even started. Now she's passed out again on her Dad's lap watching the Formula One Race in Monoco. She'll sleep good tonight! (Update: She did not go to bed until 10:45 pm and was naughty by not staying in bed.....)

Party 'till you drop!
My take from today is how thankful I am for a beautiful, healthy family. Extended too! We are blessed to have so many good people in our lives. This is what it's all about folks! Much love from us to you...

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