Friday, May 20, 2011

here comes the sun

Today was an amazing day outside!! After grocery shopping with Great-Grandma Burton, we spent the morning with Uncle Billy, Aunt Nicole and cousin Aiden. The girls had a great time and everyone behaved. Charlotte got $20 from Grandpa before we left so she rode the pony, rode the merry-go-round and had an ice cream cone. Lucky duck. Gretchen even enjoyed a little sun. At almost 4 months old, she's really starting to sit up well yet still saves some awesome naps for mom.

Gretchen, Me & Charlotte
While the kids napped over lunch I was able to get some quilting done on Gretchen's string quilt. I apologize for not having a photo, but I did get the quilting finished. Now it just needs binding and it's finished. The quilt has turned out amazing and might just be my favorite yet. Just wait!!

Two weeks here at The Horstmeyer house and it's been a smooth ride. I also got an "ok" from the Richfield MOMS Club to join for the summer. I'm hoping to find some kids within a 10 miles radius that Charlotte can play with. She's having a great time with the dogs, but sure misses her friends.

My new job is going well too. I've seen two clients and will see two more next week. So far, so good!! I was a little apprehensive at first because it was a lot to remember, with regard to all new processes, but I have faith this is really going to work out.

Speaking of faith, I'm sure glad we have some of that around here! Gretchen's baptism isn't for another week, but if the world is really ending tomorrow, I have faith she'll be spared. Off to bed...say your bedtime prayers!

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