Saturday, April 30, 2011


I really miss having my sewing machine set up. My blog-life looks rather empty with only family updates to blog about. Luckily my kids are so darn adorable that things can probably stay afloat without any new quilts for awhile.

A girlfriend asked me last week if Gretchen was getting any teeth. I said, " least, I don't think so. Actually, I haven't put a finger in her mouth yet!" Just tonight I thought I'd stick a finger in to feel her gums and to my disbelief, it appears as though she is getting a wee tooth on the bottom! So, I put Gretchen under the light and peeked in past her tiny tongue and sure enough, a wee tooth is trying to poke through her gums. Now, it will be awhile yet before the tooth actually breaks through all the way, but it's a start. Holy cow!

Today we looked at two houses. The first had a really cool floor plan and HUGE bedrooms but it needed WAY TOO much TLC and extra cash. If we had gone with that house I probably would have found myself staring in a sequel to Tom Hank's all-too-familiar Money Pit. The second house, well, just might be the house. We really loved it and the more I think about somebody else looking at it and loving it the more I want to just put in an offer! We are sleeping on it and looking again tomorrow (Sunday).  Here's this for fun...the basement is finished off and looks great. However, to make everybody happy, we would probably rip out the carpet and let Kevin have it as a work-space. (I would surely make sure I had room for some crafting then too.) With a living room, family room and beautiful 3-season room, I think we can do without a finished basement.

So, stay tuned!!

Lastly, my Grandma turns 85 this week and we are all going to brunch on Sunday. Hopefully I won't get in trouble for listing her real age (sorry G'ma!). We love you very much...

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