Sunday, May 1, 2011

we put in an offer

Well folks, the LaPean family took a big step today. We put in an offer on the house below. It's in Grafton and in a great neighborhood; even close to the bike trail still. We both feel this is going to be a great home for us, maybe not forever, but for the now. We've looked at it twice and after a lot of talk and  conversing with the neighbors, we sat down at McDonald's with our realtor and filled out the paperwork. We should know by Monday if there will be a counter offer or if she'll just accept. I'll be keeping the phone lines open!
front of house
3-season room
family room
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The Michna's said...

Looks really nice, Erika! Crossing my fingers for you guys!!

Alyssa Ashley said...

Very cute! I think I remember seeing that one when looking at houses, myself! I forgot you live around here. I'm in Grafton, too. :) Good luck and I hope you guys get it! I hope this is the year for us to buy a house too!

Erin said...

Very cute. I'll have to come visit and see it in person once you get moved in.


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