Wednesday, April 27, 2011

three months old

Here's my Gretchen, just about 13 weeks; three months old on this rainy day. I know I say this over and over but she is really a joy in our lives. She fits right into our chaotic little family and has brought a calmness when needed. I love being a SAHM and she is making things easy for me. Never did I imagine that by this point I'd also be sleeping through the nights, at least, most of the time. She pulls 6-8 hours stretches at night, so depending on when she goes down, I don't have to get up at all at night.

When she's awake she loves attention from anybody and always has a smile for whoever is lending their attention her way. Sometimes I can get her to laugh at my silly faces too. She has also started blowing raspberries and continues to suck on her fingers all the time. We love imitating her noises and giving her Eskimo kisses. Charlotte even seems to love her and tries to play with her, however, she's still too little. Charlotte gives Gretchen a rattle (or a dinosaur) and lets me know when Gretchen is crying, smiling or getting her diaper changed.

Happy three-month birthday Baby "Scretchen"!
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