Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the start of a basketball team

Today I successfully took both girls to the doctor for their check-ups. Yes, I'm proud of myself. They were both great kids and made me look good. A side note, I took both girls in the double stroller to the hospital yesterday and again, they made me look like mom of the year! I felt awesome and proud that I could take them out in public and not cause a catastrophic event.

It helped that neither kid needed shots today. That would have made things significantly harder. Charlotte also got an Elmo sticker. Charlotte is 36" tall (97%) and weighs 28 pounds (70%). There's an old tale that says take your 2-year-old's height, double it, and that's probably how tall she's going to be. Do the math. She's on track to be SIX FEET TALL! You go girl!

Gretchen is 21 inches (90%), up one inch in one week, and 8 lbs. 6 oz. (70%). Yes, this beefcake gained a little over a pound in a week. She must be getting some good milk from mama.

day 14

I'm so happy that my girls are healthy and growing strong. I really try hard to make sure they are eating right and getting exercise. This just proves that they are!

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