Monday, February 7, 2011

mr. doodie

Mr. Doodie.

He made and unexpected appearance at our home this evening. Twice. Not the happy kind.

I was giving Charlotte a bath AND cleaning the toilet, Kevin was doing dishes and Gretchen was starting to squirm in her swing. Charlotte said, "Oh no, poo poo." I looked in the tub and we had a tootsie floater. I said, "Oh Charlotte!" I whisked her out of the tub, dripping wet, put the potty chair on the toilet (which was covered in toilet cleaner, don't worry, I use organic stuff) and stuck her on the potty. As I'm draining the tub she was unrolling the TP. Because she was wet, it was sticking to her, all over.

I cleaned the tub with disinfectant and started to fill it up again. Gretchen is now crying to eat and Kevin is trying his best to console her. I got Charlotte off the pot and told her to stand until I could get the tub ready for her again. Kevin walked into the bathroom as I'm scrubbing, "Oh no, Charlotte!" I turned around and saw more poop ON THE FLOOR! And, she stepped in it. Crap.

I put Charlotte in the tub and rinsed her off. Sat her down, rinsed her foot. Got her out of the tub and rinse the tub again and stuck her back in to actually finish what started out as a bath. Meanwhile, Gretchen is still screaming to eat. I started to clean the floor up, it was smeared all over. Finally I got Charlotte back in the tub and gave her hair a quick wash. We were NOT going to prolong this bath time any longer.

The night ended semi-normally. I got Charlotte out and in a clean diaper. Kevin finished getting her dry and in jammies while I tended to Gretchen (who was probably starving by this point).

Mr. Doodie. Please don't come back unless you plan on residing in the toilet.

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