Tuesday, February 1, 2011

day 6, 3rd night

Wow! Let me say that again, wow! Good things do come in small packages. 7 pound 10 ounce packages. Gretchen is fitting right into this noisy house, starting with sleeping through EVERYTHING. Last night was our third night at home. She nursed every 3-4 hours for me. Now, I know this won't last, especially when we hit a growth spurt, but for now, me likey!

Charlotte was just the opposite. Still fighting to go to bed. She wants to read the whole library 3x before bed. Charlotte woke up twice last night reading to herself in bed. We had to tell her that it was still night and that we'd read in the morning. Luckily, her waking had nothing to do with Gretchen.

How about the blizzard we are getting!? Gretchen must have known it was coming. I was scheduled to be induced tomorrow, Feb. 2nd. It sure would have been a challenge for us to get to the hospital by 6 a.m. and for all of our parents to make it there as well.  It's a good thing she did come early. Atta girl!

All else is good at the LaPean house. I feel fantastic but still need to remember to take it easy. My body can tell I did too much yesterday. Take it easy girl, take it easy.

Side note: Charlotte's newest phrase is "Oh goodness!" She says it all the time. I'm sure you know who she picked that up from...me. At least she's not saying something like "Oh, shit!" I feel this is an improvement on my mom language. I'm doing the best I can. Besides, it's kinda cute when she says it.

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