Tuesday, February 1, 2011

gretchen's quilt

This is what I've been waiting for. Children to make quilts for. Now that we know the baby is a GIRL, I can start planning on what she is getting that "mama made," as Charlotte would say. I've decided her toddler quilt is going to be a string quilt, paper pieced. Here's a beautiful example of one.

Next is finding the perfect fabric combination. Unfortunately the fabric in the above photo is a little old and you can't find it anymore (with the exception of a few bolts here and there). So, I've resorted to the colorful combination of Patricia Bravo's Paradise collection. Love it! This is such a fun hobby. In knowing that the girls can share clothes, I've realized that each one will need their own blankets and stuffed animals. After all, those are things you keep throughout your lifetime. I know Charlotte is playing with old stuffed animals of mine like Rainbow Brite and her horse, Starlight.

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