Sunday, January 30, 2011

our first night

My friend Kersten lent me her amazing swing. Every single mother needs to put it on her registry. You can find one here. It's literally magic. Around 9:30 p.m. I headed to bed and gave Gretchen to her daddy. At 11 p.m. we switched and I slept on the couch with her all night. (She slept in the swing.) Gretchen was an awesome nurser again-- that sure makes things easier. We woke up every 2.5 hours to eat. But, instead of rocking her to sleep (which can sometimes take forever), I put her in the swing and turned it on! Silence is golden.

This is already an improvement over Charlotte's first night. I'm sure a lot had to do with the fact I was a new mom, but Charlotte didn't really sleep her first night and I had to leave the lights on in the room. It was a very long night. Hopefully Gretchen's pattern continues as is. I can handle this (even though yesterday I almost broke down at 7 p.m. for no absolute reason).

Charlotte. Another story. She managed to sleep all night (ahh...) but, when we changed Gretchen's diaper at like 8 p.m. she woke up, had ALL her books in her bed, and would not go back to sleep. She would also not go to bed that night and would not take a nap (but managed to nonetheless). So, off to day two.

They sure make a cute pair though, don't you think?!

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