Tuesday, January 4, 2011

quilted coasters

Tuesday. Sunny. Cold. Library. Pumpkin bread. Quilted coasters. Nap time!

It's been a nice Tuesday. The sun sure has perked things up. Coffee is sounding really tasty right about now. I probably should have relaxed during Charlotte's nap (my back is now killing me), but instead, I decided to try a tutorial from 33 Shades of Green. With the left over Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow fabric, I made five coasters for the living room side table. I love them!

Now I need to put my feet up before Charlotte wakes. She's been sleeping in the big girl bed for a week now and I really think this is a permanent idea. She crawls in and out and sleeps with a rubber duck, mom and baby dinosaur, two rubber bath fish, pink bunny, Rufus, Hector, Hector's cousin and at least three books. But, I'm really not concerned because she sleeps!

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