Friday, January 7, 2011

36 weeks

Baby's rapid growth nears an end. The only organ that isn't fully developed are the lungs. This marks the "one month left"'s finally becoming real. I'm so in the nesting phase. I have lots organized already, including a meal list. Now I just need to act on washing cabinets, scrubbing floors with a toothbrush and cleaning EVERYTHING I can. Too bad I can't hire somebody to do it for me.

I feel great but losing energy. People can see it in my face, that's probably not a good thing. Charlotte has been a dream kid for us these last few months/weeks. My back has been ok between some back rubs from Kevin and hot packs. A big 'ol NEW king bed doesn't hurt either. Yes, we bought a new bed the week after Christmas and it has been awesome. Most of you know how big Kevin (and me) is and we really needed the extra room. This way, Griffin can even jump in and we still have room.

I see the doctor on Monday and then every week from here on out. I looked at Charlotte's Week 36 and I had gained 34 pounds. Eeek! As of two weeks ago, I was only sitting at 26 gained. We'll see what I weight on Monday. Am I really doing THAT good?! Hopefully that will make up for the weight I never lost. 

Don't forget to cast your poll on when baby will arrive how how big s/he will be!!

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