Saturday, January 29, 2011

quick morning update

I can't believe I'll be going home today! The time sure flew by fast.

This was our second night and already a big improvement over the first night. If only these reclining beds and nurses came home with us! I've nursed Gretchen at 7pm, 10pm, and 2am. Yes, those are 3-4 hour time frames which means I actually got a little sleep in. She's been a fantastic nurser and even got some milk this time around. She's had lots of dirty diapers and I don't anticipate she'll be loosing any, if very little, weight when we visit the pediatrician on Monday. That's always welcome news. Grow baby grow!

The hospital stay has been fantastic. I've had the chance to be somewhere and offer up my opinion. Who doesn't love sharing their opinions, I know I do. Columbia Center is such a wonderful birthing hospital and I'd recommend the experience to anybody. My nurses have been amazing, each and every shift. The little things have also made my experience just perfect. Nice amenities in the bathroom, HUGE towels, rocking horse for Charlotte when she came to visit, endless cranberry juice, wi-fi, iPod dock, flat screen TV with DVD player, etc. Like I said earlier, just wish those nurses could come home with me.

It's off to get a little more shut-eye for me. Kevin and Charlotte are coming to pick us up around 9:30 a.m. tomorrow. Griffin will be excited, but I'm sure he also knows he's moving one more notch lower on the totem poll. It's no wonder we allow him to sleep and live on the couch. We kind of owe it to him, our first born and most neglected. Stay tuned for more weekend details. I know we'll be having lots of visitors and probably an exciting weekend/week ahead of us.

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