Friday, December 17, 2010

Say No to the Mom Uniform

During my "lunch break" today (since I have no immediate quilting to work on), I thought I'd catch up reading some blogs I follow. I found some great insight on Heidi's blog: Honeybear Lane.

Going from chic and single to mom and married has been tough on my wardrobe, and therefore, my image. Sure it's nice to take time in the morning and have the choice of no makeup or not doing my hair, but sometimes I just look in the mirror and think geeze, I need a makeover.

The days of dressing up at work in cute clothes are definitely over. I miss Anthropologie very much. I can't fathom buying things from there anymore because nobody will even see me wear the stuff. Besides, I chase a toddler around and will soon be adding burp cloth to my accessory list.

I partially quote from Heidi's blog, "Now that I have a toddler and a baby-on-the-way, I have officially graduated to the place where style goes to die...the Mom Uniform.  You know it.  The boring Target shirt thrown with some jeans.  And just maybe that shirt is slightly stained.  And maybe you 'mix things up' by wearing some sort of sweater you bought for $120 that used to fit pre-baby.  At this time of year, shoes are my fleece lines "slippers".  Clothes have become a necessity, something to essentially cover up nakedness and a lumpy figure, as opposed to something that can boost your self-confidence.  When do we ever get time to shop for ourselves?  We think about the options...1) drag your kids to the store and either chase them around the store or strap them in a stroller where they whine the whole time while you try and find something quickly to make the whole experience over with or 2) Stay home.  Eat."

For 2011, I vow to actually look at myself in the mirror every now and then. I probably shouldn't grocery shop in pajamas when un-showered. Now, this doesn't mean I'm going to run out and purchase a new wardrobe (can't afford and won't fit anyways), but I am going to try and dress in a way that makes myself feel better about what I'm doing....being a Mom. Charlotte always looks cute, but I can't hardly remember the last time I looked cute. At least I have managed to keep up on my hair color...

So, to all you Moms out there, don't fall into the same trap that many of us have...the Mom Uniform. Give yourself some credit and dress to impress...YOURSELF that is!

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