Saturday, September 4, 2010

don't take toddlers to weddings, ever!

This weekend was a road trip to Kalamazoo, Mich. to visit some friends of Kevin's from college. They also have a toddler, Carmen, who's 14 months. The two girls have had a blast playing together. Running all over the house and the yard. What a handful!

Today we attended a beautiful outdoor wedding at a Bed & Breakfast. Despite it being a little cool and windy, it was wonderful. However, there was one downfall, I have a toddler...yep, that means nothing is easy. Especially attending somebody else's wedding. Within a few minutes of being there, Charlotte was already tearing up the place. Luckily there was LOTS of room to run around outside. During the ceremony, Kevin and Charlotte went MIA because even with the magical gummy worms, she was not going to sit still for the 20-minute ceremony.

We thought the dinner portion might go better, but I really knew it was only going to get worse. It did! About 90 minutes later we all started to get ready for dinner. (Keep in mind we are still outside, in tents, and it's 60, cloudy and very windy.) I really tried to make the sitting down to dinner work for us, but I know Charlotte and it was not going to happen. I've accepted it, my kid doesn't sit still for nice dinner events. This is why we do NOT go out for dinner. So, we do what we always do, we left. That's right, frozen pizza for us and a crabby kid for dessert.

I guess I can't complain too much. What can I expect from a toddler? I'm learning it's hard to expect anything out of them. After all, she was an angel during the five-hour car ride over here. I think that's about all I can ask for in one weekend.

But, she's still the cutest thing ever...

(and sporting her brat-tails, that should have given me cause for concern from the beginning)

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Anonymous said...

Oh but she makes up for her Naughty by being SO CUTE
Gma H


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