Tuesday, September 7, 2010

18 mo. doctor appointment

Holy cow! Charlotte sure is growing (despite being a picky eater too). She is 34 inches tall (97%) and 24 lbs. 13 oz. (60%). I was really happy she went from 40th percentile to 60th for the weight because that means she is definitely getting the right nutrients she needs to grow. I'm still having a hard time getting her to eat meat and a variety of veggies, but fruit and eggs still manage to be at the top of the list.

For this appointment, I brought along a little friend I was watching for the morning. Eli is 2-years-old and behaved like an angel for me at the appointment. Yes! I survived an appointment with TWO toddlers! Makes me feel pretty good.

Charlotte's next check-up is at 2-years. It's really strange to think I'll be taking TWO kids to that appointment too. Baby will surely be born by then. I'll have to see if I can arrange to have their check-ups at the same time so I don't have to go twice to the office.

All-in-all, Charlotte is healthy and growing big. Perhaps basketball and high jump really are in her future, sitting at 97th percentile for height! You go girl! No wonder her feet are so big...size 6.5 shoe at 18 months!

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