Monday, July 19, 2010

who needs an appendix anyways?

What a weekend! Kevin went up north to visit his parents and work on cabin stuff. I went to Mom's house with Charlotte and Griffin. Saturday we took a road trip to Crystal Lake for a huge birthday party and family reunion. It was way too hot out but we had so much fun. Charlotte got to play in the sandbox, eat cake, run around in a diaper and swim in the lake. I can't believe how much she enjoyed the lake. It was super shallow and extremely warm -- I think that's why she liked it so much. I will have photos soon. She was jumping, splashing, kicking and putting her face in the water. What a kid!

After a long day we drove home to Grandma's and slept hard that night. In the morning I spoke with Kevin to tell him how exhausted I was from the day before. Of course, he trumps me again. I can't win!

Kevin started having pain in his abdomen on Saturday evening and into Sunday morning. Long story short, he had to have his appendix taken out at 2pm on Sunday afternoon. It was outpatient so we are already back home and resting. Sunday my Dad drove me to Green Bay with Charlotte and all our stuff so we could be with him. At first we weren't sure how fast the recovery was going to be. One day later, he's walking around and doing great. He only has three little holes in his belly, not even a good scar. By the looks of him, I think labor must have been harder!

So, that's the scoop! Kevin is fine and is minus one body part. For those of you who knew and sent good wishes, it worked. Thanks!

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