Tuesday, April 20, 2010

vintage hexagon quilt

Is a quilt that your mother started almost 30 years ago considered vintage? Well, I think so. Sorry mom. If you see some of these fabrics up close, you'd agree. This hexagon quilt has been in my closet for at least the last five years. I took it with me when I moved out in hopes of completing it for mom. Well, I think it's time since I have quilting on the brain.

Most of it is already completed. It's large enough for a lap quilt. I just need to purchase some white fabric, backing and binding fabric, and then it's ready to go! This is all hand-stitched and I plan on finishing it that way. Stay tuned, this should be a very cool looking quilt when finished. Now I just need to estimate how many white hexagons I'll need...

1 comment:

traceyjay said...

these are incredible!

I'm so impressed... and need to get started on some little hexies myself I think. :)


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