Sunday, April 18, 2010

let's explore!

Saturday was my mother's birthday. Don't worry mom, you are another year younger in our eyes. To celebrate, all of us children came over for dinner and dessert. After dessert, we all went outside to enjoy a nice fire and the sunset. Charlotte just loved walking around outside-- in the dirt, woodchips and brick. She was following the dogs, picking up sticks, swinging and sitting in trees. She just loves being in the elements. I can't wait to take her out more this summer. Maybe do some camping!!

She sure is a sport...which makes things so much more fun. It was go, go, go! We were happy she came home and went to bed right away. She did pretty good at sleeping through the night too. Happy Birthday Grandma Horstmeyer!

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Baby Burla said...

Just so you know, Emily and I call Charlotte, "Model Baby" behind her back because she is so darn pretty. I hope you guys are doing well. Oh yeah, and you are super mom. How in the world do you get stuff done with a toddler? I need to know your secrets.


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