Tuesday, April 20, 2010

cabin quilts

Here is quilt #1 for the cabin. It's going to be a ragged squares quilt. Example. The top is complete. I just need to cut the binding, baste and quilt! Once washed, it will be super cuddly and have a worn-in feel.

This is quilt #2 for the cabin. I though black/red/yellow wouldn't be too girly. We'll see how it turns out. I'm going to try and find some blackish fabric for the back.

This is the pattern I'm using.


traceyjay said...

some cute stuff here... I've yet to do a full raw-edge top, but I do like them a lot. And red is my favorite color... can't wait to see that one done!

To answer your question about lining up -- mine sometimes don't, but it is so much better than it used to be. What helps me:
- a 1/4" sewing foot (it's marvelous)
- really careful pressing (usually open seams these days)
- and tugging/scrunching the fabric in an attempt to get it to line up, if it doesn't perfectly.

Hope that helps!

(PS When you leave a comment, it is set to "no-reply," so I couldn't email you back... not sure if you want it to be that way or not... just letting you know!)

Thanks for visiting too.

erika.kevin.char said...

I didn't know about the no-reply. I think I fixed it, not sure. Thanks for your input. I'll try harder to make cleaner cuts. The pressing has helped too.


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