Wednesday, January 20, 2010

on the go, go, go

We can't believe how fast Charlotte is growing. She is definitely closer to being a toddler than a baby. As seen below, she is furniture surfing all over the place. She crawls all over the house and has discovered the bookshelf and dog bowl. Very soon we will install the cabinet locks, but not on the Tupperware one-- she likes that, and it's safe.

We are slowly phasing out the late-afternoon nap which takes us down to two naps each day. She's been a good sleeper, not fantastic, but good. Charlotte's little personality keeps developing more and more. Each day she keeps trying to talk but the words just aren't there. I'm sure that is only a matter of time too, then she'll be a little chatter box.

We are definitely looking forward to this summer. We plan on testing out the canoe with her and a little camping in the backyard to see how it works. Charlotte loves the tub so we'll be hitting the local pool too. It's great to see how much she has control over her body. She is reaching down while standing, can sit with controlled movement, roll over, grab things and hit! The next project is the introduction of the sippy cup. In a month or so we can start cow's milk and get off the formula.

Which brings us to eating. With her little sassy attitude, Charlotte has become a picky eater. Right now she likes fruit and yogurt. Sometimes I can hide veggies in with that stuff, but it's tricky. Hopefully this phase won't last long. As you can see, we had a fun day with beets above.

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