Friday, January 8, 2010

vomit + vomit = more vomit

So, I'm home alone tonight. I thought it was going to be a peaceful night, but now I'm thinking not. Charlotte was sitting in the living room after crying in her crib around 4pm nap time and she proceeded to vomit 3 times in the living room. Luckily, I caught the third time in a nearby rag.

We then went into the bathroom and I stripped her down in the tub. Changed her clothes and rocked her. We went into the kitchen to find the tylenol and she puked three more times, the second two made it on me to spare more mess. We stood in the tub and I rocked her.

So, I cleaned her up, again, and rocked her in the bedroom. She was so tired and I laid her down to sleep. fifteen minutes later I hear a cry and she vomited in bed (probably the tylenol). I changed the sheets, changed her clothes, my clothes, re-rocked her and put her back to bed.

Poor little thing. No fever that I can feel. She's not cold or hot, just not feeling well I guess. I believe this is going to be a long night. Good thing I just ordered out Chinese (and they take a check).

1 comment:

The Michna's said...

Awe, poor girl. I hope she feels better real soon!!


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