Sunday, October 12, 2008

Beginning Week 21

I am officially halfway through my pregnancy! Amazing. Baby is halfway to its birth size too, measuring around 9 inches long. Everyone says by now I should be feeling baby moving, but I haven't noticed anything that screams out "the baby is moving!" I suppose I'll start to notice soon enough.

Baby’s eyelids have finished forming this week, and baby is very busy moving around and swallowing amniotic fluid. As baby swallows amniotic fluid, the digestive tract is continuing to mature. Baby is also receiving some of the caloric intake from the amniotic fluid. Hard to imagine, but baby's senses are developing, so much that baby is becoming aware of my eating and sleeping habits and of light and noise outside my body. I guess I better keep playing my classical music and practicing my cello.

As noticed by the photo (with a shirt on), I have also officially "popped." You can tell I have a bun in the oven. I'm in between normal pants and maternity pants. I also received a bunch of baby items from my neighbor toady. Soon this house will be full of baby stuff. I still feel healthy and need to remember to watch what I'm eating. Let's hope the last half of this pregnancy goes as smoothly as the first half did.

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