Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beginning Week 22

I see the doctor again on Tuesday, so hopefully we'll have a good baby photo! Baby's inner ear is developed enough now to detect vibrations so we better start talking to the belly. Some people say the baby feeds more vigorously if you read to baby in utero, so we may as well try. Get those smart genes working right away.

Baby is also exploring other sensations, stroking the face as baby gets to know herself. The fingernails now cover the nail bed too. Baby is swallowing and opening and closing the jaw to work the muscles. Baby's taste buds are now developed enough to taste difference flavors. I better continue to watch what I'm eating.

Belly is getting bigger. I'm starting to do some shopping and maternity pants are just strange! They are a little too big yet, but my normal pants are too small. The in between stages. Overall, still feel good, just hungry. Kevin seems to be getting excited. It's more fun now that he can physically see the baby. Now we just need to feel some kicking action and we'll be all set!

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