Sunday, June 29, 2008

Beginning Week 6

Many of you may want to know, what's happening during week 6 of a pregnancy? Well, the formations of the lungs, jaw, nose, and palate have begun. The hand and feet buds have webbed-like structures that will become the fingers and toes. The brain is continuing to form into its complex parts. Of course, the baby is about a ½ inch in length; not very big at all. (See photo at right. Not my baby, but gives you a visual.)

I still feel really good and have been eating very healthy all week long. Kevin, Griffin and I drove to Peoria to visit with one of his close friends from college. When at the bar, I ordered a N/A beer. Did you know that O'Dules Amber has Less Than .5% alcohol by volume? I opted for lemonade instead. Not worth the risk in the first few crucial weeks.

Saturday we were outside all day long. I got lots of sun and important Vitamin C for the baby. That was the first time all summer we've really been outside like that, it was a relaxing afternoon.

Spreading the news.
On Friday I also called my godmother, Maureen. She's always been very important in my life and has been a part of all the milestones; including MY birth. She was thrilled, as I am pretty sure she was expecting a call very soon. Her oldest is actually due with her second in 4 weeks!

As always, stay tuned. We'll see what this week has in store for us.

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