Wednesday, March 21, 2007 how many days?!

24 days and counting. Friday the 13th is approaching...
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24 days until the much anticipated day. FRIDAY THE 13TH!

Watch out for roaming black cats and anxious brides. It's a cursed day that I know I'll remember.

It's at this point that in all my bride books, I'm supposed to remain calm and not get nervous. However, I don't really think I've been nervous in the first place. Sure we had a few problems, like not being able to use the votive candle holders from the flower lady, but that was quickly resolved.

Now, I'm just waiting for spring and the rest of my RSVPs; both of which I don't think will ever come. I also can't help wonder if Griffin will totally be potty trained by then or if it will rain all day. A risk I'm going to just have to take.

People get so freaked out about Friday the 13th, but in my family it's no big deal.

So here's my bouquet:
my dream tulips in a modern world

Yes, very pretty. I am truly excited and from what I know, Kevin doesn't have cold feet yet. Although who knows if he'll be a runner! For those of you who are coming, we can't wait.

See you in a few weeks!

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