Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Puppies, Oh my!

This past summer, Kevin and I decided to get two Golden Retriever puppies. We went to visit the breeder and knew that we could expect to take them home at Thanksgiving. Wow, were we wrong.

Copper, the mother, went in to heat extremely late. The puppies were born January 3 (the day after Kevin's birthday) and we can expect to take them home March 3. Only three months after the date we originally planned on.

What to name them? Griffin and Zoe. We didn't realize how hard it would be to agree upon dog names. Especially the female! Everyone kept warning us, "Don't give them one of your kid names!" Really? I never thought of that. Don't people name their dogs and kids the same name? Then when you call, at least they all come at once! How easy would that be?

Anyways, Kevin and I are finally going to visit them. You can always check out more photos at Finally, more additions to the expanding family.

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