Saturday, January 13, 2007

iMac ShmyMac

You know those stupid Macintosh commercials with the retarded PC guy? Yeah, that's totally me on a bad day. But, at work today, I just got the brand spankin' new iMac. Not only did it clear up desk space, but it's totally rad. And coming from a PC person, that means a lot.

The features are just awesome. I still don't have right-click capabilities, but I suppose I don't really need that at work seeing as I only retype information and play with photos.

Speaking of photos, I also have a camera, yep, right in front. Surprisingly it takes pretty good photos. This is also far faster than the old Mac I had (and it took up most of my desk). So, for time being, I guess this whole Mac thing will suffice. Luckily I still get to go home to my good 'ol PC.

1 comment:

Tom said...

If the imac was new, it came with the mighty mouse, which has right click, middle click, and the side click capabilities. One button, but it detects when you right click as long as your left finger is not resting on the mouse. Click on the apple in the upper left, system preferences, mouse, then set the clicking preferences up.


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