Thursday, March 27, 2014

gretchen's first day of 3k

It's not September, but today was Gretchen's first day of preschool (3K). After an evaluation a few months/weeks ago, Gretchen was accepted to the Early Learning Program at the Elementary school, mainly on helping her to focus on speech. We are no longer taking private speech lessons because she'll be getting speech at school. Gretchen will go two mornings a week for 2.5 hours.

Gretchen was so excited this morning. She wore a dress, tights, and her fancy shoes. I couldn't believe she had on her backpack and was ready to get there. The teachers said she had a great day. Gretchen told me she didn't play with anybody but painted a picture and had speech. Kevin and I both agree this is going to be great for her on so many levels! The program took her a semester early because normally, she wouldn't be starting 3K until Fall.

Gretchen came out rubbing her eyes. Of course, tired. I knew there would be napping on the days she has school. It's a lot for this rambunctious kid!

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