Tuesday, February 25, 2014

growth tree

I'm going to be very sad when we move from this house someday. Right after we moved in 2.5 years ago I painted a growth tree on a wall at the bottom of the basement stairs. I charted the girls' height when we moved in and on each birthday.

I used some acrylic paint, a paint sample from Home Depot, and some sponges. I think it turned out great!

Charlotte turns five on Saturday and she grew three inches in the last year. You might also want to know that Gretchen measured 1/2" taller than Charlotte did at the age of 3. Only time will tell how tall Elsa will be! They have all measured 95% or more for height.

The sad part is I can't take the tree with me. It will stay here and probably be painted over by the next family. I'll only have the memory (and a photo) of our tree and the little girls that grew beneath it.

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