Monday, August 19, 2013


Elsa is crawling! She's been army crawling for a little over a week now and starting to cause trouble. As of today, she's taken 4 crawls at a time (moving her hands/knees in sync four times). I have to get serious about baby proofing around here. She's into everything!!

On the crafty side, I just ordered myself some little tags for the things that I make. It's time to start putting my stamp on it, own it! Aren't they cute? I chose to use my name instead of my "brand" name -- Midwest Family Life. Afterall, my name is more "me" and my middle name is unique.

Gretchen is potty trained! She's been in underwear since August 1st. We've had a few minor accidents and she poops in her undies like 2-3 times/week, but more Dove bars should soon solve that problem. I'm so proud of her and it sure it nice to cut down on the diaper cost. Go Gretchen!! We also cut speech therapy down to 1x/month and she'll be assessed again in September. I think she's almost close to a "normal" kid her age. Not advanced, but at average.

We are having a fun summer and staying busy. School starts September 10th for Charlotte. She'll be going to 4K on three mornings each week.

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