Friday, July 5, 2013

and just like's july

Things have been fun around here. The girls are full of energy each day and can spend a good 12 hours expelling it. Just this week Gretchen started to pedal her big girl bike with training wheels all around the court. Sometimes she flys so fast I'm afraid she'll tip. What a dare devil!

For the 4th of July we spent some family time at Pike Lake and the girls turned into Olympic Swimmers. Charlotte was swimming all by herself with her life jacket on and Gretchen was a jumping bean in the water. They had fun on Uncle Billy's boat and spending time with cousins. Not to leave out Elsa...she was perfect!! Slept in the stroller and played in the shade all day long.

That evening (despite it being light out), we let the girls play with sparklers. At first they were hesitant and then loved them. No injuries. On Friday night Charlotte got to sleep over at Oma's house all by herself and went to the movies with Opa and Oma. The younger two stayed home with me and it was nice to spend alone time with Gretchen. We had fun too.

Tuesday, Grandma and Grandpa came down from Green Bay to spend the day with the girls. They had so much fun and loved all the gifts they brought back from Cape Cod. I got to enjoy a few hours to myself and had a quiet lunch with a book and wine. It was awesome!!

Charlotte starts VBS next week. We've also used a new babysitter twice...Elsie. The girls love her, she's really sweet. That's the first time ever I've left my kids with a stranger. I was a bit anxious but held it in. We did good.

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