Friday, June 7, 2013

all that's new

It's June what? Where did the time go? It's been crazy here, just crazy!!

Elsa is almost 6 months old and I I started feeding her solid food last weekend, so one week ago. She's had sweet peas, pears, apples, and sweet potato. If this kid could talk she would have said, "Damn Mom! Why you been holding out on me? This is the good stuff!" This little baby girl was hungry! She chows down the entire bowl of food. I'm still nursing (pat on the back) and only sometimes feed her at night. The last week I've been skipping the night feeding although she still wakes up on me. Remember, there are always lots of photos up on the Flickr site since I can update that on-the-go.

Elsa isn't sitting up yet but sleeps on her belly, takes regular naps in her crib, sucks on her fingers, giggles all the time, loves watching her sisters, and rolls around all the time.

Monday is Charlotte's LAST DAY OF PRESCHOOL (3K). Huh?! I honestly can't believe how much she has grown this last year. It's amazing to hear the things that come out of this kid's mouth. I ask her a lot, "Where did you learn that?" "Oh, I learned it blah blah blah Mom. Ya know, I'm smart."

She's wonderful and can comprehend so much. It just takes my breath away. I always make sure I find a special moment to let all the girls know how much I love them, how much I'm proud of them, and how thankful I am.

Charlotte got another pony lesson last weekend and Sweet Pea had neon pink hair!!

Gretchen. Oh Gretchen. Her speech is coming along so well, it's amazing. She is stringing 2 and 3 words together in starting to form small sentences. "Mama, juice please." "Mama, help pink shoe." We've also entered into potty training, but sort of for real this time. She's been going pee on the potty about 3x a day, so it's a start. Gretchen is finding that if she pees, she gets candy! Gretchen has really grown up, even since winter. Officially 2.5 at the end of June, she looks like she's almost three! Gretchen is much taller than a lot of kids her own age. She has the most beautiful eyes and sure give the look that kills. This little girl loves with all her heart when she loves somebody. 

Here we did a Carousel zoo class on Thursday. It was nice to have special time with her.

And lastly, we are upgrading the first floor of our house. Kevin put tile in the bathroom floor and 1/2" hardwood everywhere else. He just finished the living room and front entry way--it looks amazing! We have some rugs ordered and set to go! With new doors and lots of staining ahead of us, it will be a working summer. Kevin is also going to Alaska again this summer to see his friend Tom. What a lucky boy!

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