Wednesday, January 9, 2013


My sweet little Elsa. She's hanging in there.

Her weight is down a little, again. 8 lbs 13.1 oz. The doctors aren't too concerned about that. I'll continue to nurse exclusively and they will keep weighing her to monitor it.

The nurse just increased her oxygen to .5 liters up from .1 liters. Her poor little nose started bleeding today too from all the suctioning with the catheter. We are putting her on moisturized oxygen so that means she'll be increased up to 1 liter because that's the minimum for adding the moisture. Hopefully the added moisture will make her nose feel better.

I don't like the respiratory therapist she had this morning so our nurse is going to see if she can do it instead. Elsa has been coughing more which is good. That shows she's trying to get the mucus out herself.

Her breathing has been quicker and more shallow than days past. Heart rate is still good but is a little increased as well with the quicker breathing. They don't want to rush her healing process so we are still sitting here letting Elsa do her thing.

As I've said before, a few more days. (Sigh)

1 comment:

alanna rose said...

You look to be in good spirits! We've been praying for you, so glad Elsa continues to improve :)


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