Monday, January 7, 2013

Hanging in there

Update: met with the doctor this morning during rounds. They put Elsa back on normal oxygen that is not force flow or heated. He decided against breast feeding today so maybe tomorrow we can start that. It's still too hard for her to suck and breathe and breast feeding is hard work! We are skipping a bottle in case she prefers that and doesn't go back to breast because I'm not ready to give that up yet! We won't be leaving the PICU floor today because there is n room on the pediatric floor, so here we stay! It's nice to know the nurses and doctors here though.

It's very early Monday morning. Elsa is doing good but we still have work to do. She was taken off continuous oxygen late yesterday and put back on the high flow, heated oxygen for overnight to help with the mucus and secretions. Since the mucus is still very thick and collapsing the lungs, they are going to keep her on the high flow to help move things along.

The room air we breath is only 22% oxygen and right now the air she is breathing is 55% oxygen so they a still working on weaning her down on that too. So although Elsa is strong and doing good, we still have a ways to go. I can't really guess when we are going home because nobody can really give me an answer around here as they don't know either.

The nurses and respiratory therapists are just awesome here. Elsa is n great hands and and I haven't left her side. Please keep praying for a speeding recovery so we can get home to see her big sisters.

There is a good chance ill get to nurse today too!


The Michna's said...

Thinking of you guys and praying you take a healthy Elsa home soon!

Julia Ellingboe said...

Many prayers to all of you!


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