Tuesday, January 1, 2013

19 days of elsa

My little Elsa is getting big! It's been 19 days of almost pure bliss around here. She is still the sweetest thing in the world. Sure she's a little fussy around 8pm and has a hard time falling asleep around 3:30am, but even at those times, she's not really crying. Her big sisters are great and help out by fetching diapers and wipes, burb rags, and then tossing the diapers. It's been fun to see Elsa change these last 19 days. She already feels beefier and longer.

We see the doctor on Thursday for a check-up. Athough still a sleepy little girl, she is starting to have some good awake times in the day. She also hard her first sleep over at G'ma Horstmeyer's on Saturday and slept like a champ. Keep up on the Flickr site for daily photos of this sweet pea.

I also have to admit that I haven't shed a single tear since being home. Although it's completely normal, I cried on a few occassions after both Charlotte and Gretchen were born. This time, especially with the holidays, family, and more support from friends, I haven't cried or even thought about it! So, a big thanks to all my friends and family from my raging mom hormones. It's been a pleasant three weeks around this household!

Kevin also came up with Elsa's song yesterday, as both kids have their own songs too. Tune is the French song "Alouette."
Baby Elsa lying on the sofa, 
Baby Elsa sleeping all day long.

I will sleep through Gretchen screaming,
I will sleep through Gretchen screaming,
Gretchen screaming, Gretchen screaming,
Oh, oh, oh, oh.

Baby Elsa lying on the sofa, 
Baby Elsa sleeping all day long.

I will sleep through Charlotte yelling...
I will sleep through Daddy snoring...
I will sleep through Mama scolding...
Griffin barking...

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