Monday, October 1, 2012

only the 8th day of school

Let me preface this story by saying we had a very long Saturday/Sunday. We tried to do an overnight camping trip with the girls and some friends. Charlotte had fun and Gretchen wouldn't sleep. Sunday was a hard day of recovery for all of us.

But, Monday is a school day and off we went. Charlotte seemed to be doing good until I told her she couldn't take a toy (dinosaur grabber which doesn't even fit in the backpack) to school. She was a stinker standing in line for the classroom and I had hopes that it would stop there.

Low and behold, when picking her up, Mrs. Tenpenny asked if she could speak to me after for a minute. Oh man. I knew this would come just not so soon!!

She said that while on the playground they were painting outside with water colors and Charlotte kept trying to pain the wood chips. After multiple warnings to stop from multiple teachers, Charlotte was no longer allowed to paint. She used the word defiant. This does not surprise me. But not listening to a teacher??? I was so mad but had to be a nice mom while at the school. I made her apologize (which was awfully weak) and we talked about it all the way home.

Punishment: No TV for the entire day

I know she'll be bored so it's either coloring, painting, or games. We will visit the park later to burn off some energy. I also made her help write an apology letter that she'll take to school on Friday.

Update: Gretchen's first speech therapy appointment is Wednesday. I'll know more about what we will be doing and should be doing at home at that point. I also have a baby doctor appointment tomorrow. Just over 28 weeks!

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