Wednesday, July 18, 2012

first pony lesson

Today Miss Charlotte got to experience her first, full hour, pony lesson. I may have been more excited than she was, remembering the days that I took riding lessons. Lucky for her, she's only three!!

Riding Pumpkin
The lesson started out teaching her about horses and where you can touch them. Then she was inside for awhile learning how to lead the pony, ride it, TROT!!, steer with the reins, and I'm sure many other things. Half-way through, she got to go for a 25-minute walk on the trails. After they were finished she learned how to take off the saddle, clean the hooves, and brush the pony. It made my heart melt watching her! She loved the lessons and I know I've started a very expensive, addicting habit.

Then there's Gretchen. Gretchen, Gretchen, Gretchen. She's a hoot! What a wild child this one is going to be. Starting out with the pool, at 18 months, she's jumping in, putting her face in, wearing goggles, and going down the water slide. At the horse farm, she wanted to get on one of those horses too!! And by the way, she finally said horsey today, adding to her very small list of words.
eating an ear of corn

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