Tuesday, June 12, 2012

vacation bible school

Today was Charlotte's FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!! Ok, so it's a 4-day VBS at the local Lutheran Church, but to her and me, it sure seemed like the first day of school. Charlotte was so pumped! When I dropped her off she ran in the room and never looked back. Oh, my little girl! I had to go back and say good bye and I was so proud of her for not being scared and for being able to step into a new situation with no issues.

Within 20 minutes of me being home I got a phone call from the school. (I thought for sure she peed her pants or something.) But, on her way TO the bathroom she ran head-first into a glass door and has quite the bruise on her forehead. They put ice on it and asked her if she wanted to go home or stay. Of course, STAYING was her option.

When I asked her what she learned today, her response was "about Jesus." Then she started to tell me the Noah's ark story, word-for-word quoting from the book we have. But, overall, she loved it and is excited to go back tomorrow!

P.S. Quick baby note, when I was going pee the other day Charlotte said, "Stop! Baby Tommy will fall out!" I told her he's not due to arrive until Christmas. I guess I have some explaining to do...

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