Friday, March 2, 2012

a stupid mom moment

Last night I was out with my girlfriends. We have so much fun together! We've turned into those old mom-ladies that play Bunco once a month, it's great!

At the end of the night my friend Lisa was telling us a story from Wednesday afternoon and we didn't know what she was talking about or why she was telling us this story. After we all left lunch she drove by the Community Gym (where we were all playing) and saw a stroller just about in the street so she picked it up and put it near the bike racks.

"It was a really nice stroller, one of those Uppa Baby ones," said Lisa.

"I have an Uppa Baby, those are nice."

"No, it was really cool, with a backpack thing to carry it around," said Lisa.

"Yeah, mine's cool, it has a backpack thing too. But it wasn't mine because Gretchen was in my stroller."

"It was red and had Cheetos all over it, I thought about taking it and drove past it twice, but left it there," said Lisa.

"Mine had Cheetos all over it because Gretchen was eating them. Wait, that was MY stroller! What?! My stroller isn't in my car?"

Turns out, on Wednesday, when I was packing up the kids, I put Gretchen in the car and left the stroller on the sidewalk because I needed to empty the old food before putting it in the car. Then I put Charlotte in the car, forgot about the stroller, and drove away. Yes, I lost my stroller and didn't even know it.

Thank you small town America!

We called the Cedarburg police department and there was an officer downtown. Luckily, and very lucky am I, my $150 umbrella stroller was still sitting in the bike rack where Lisa put it. Abbey and I left the party early and picked up the stroller at 10 p.m. on Thursday night.

At least it wasn't a kid...

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