Friday, February 10, 2012

love my girls

Today I took the girls to Mayfair Mall to have their 3-year and 1-year photos taken. As always, it was an adventure. The ride started out with an annoying client calling and asking me to look up a number and fax something to a physician. I had to try and explain that I do not work on Fridays and I'm driving my kids to get photos taken and it's snowing. But, like a good girl, we compromised and I took care of it (for the 10th time for this guy). Charlotte was also in the back seat saying she wanted to go home because she was tired, yet, she just woke up....

We got to Mayfair early and I fancied up the girls. This time I didn't dress Gretchen until we GOT there. (Note, last year she puked all over the outfit in the car seat and I had to buy another one.) While waiting Charlotte grabbed her butt and yelled, "I have to go potty!" All three of us went into the bathroom and Charlotte didn't just pee, she pooped. A big one. Gee. There were like six squares of TP left. I opened the door and yelled, "Can somebody please get us more toilet paper?!" What a way to start photos.

We ended up getting some really cute photos, but it was just at torturous as last time at JCPenneys. Gretchen wanted to crawl everywhere and wanted to do the opposite of what Charlotte was doing. I really didn't think the lady knew how to work with little children, but, we got some photos.

After we left the mall I walked into a winter wonderland in the parking lot. I mustn't have gotten the memo about the snow. It was a sloppy, slow drive home, but, we're all safe.

Enjoy my beautiful girls!
(Coloring is off because I had to scan them in...)


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