Saturday, January 14, 2012

new year, new kitchen

I'm impulsive. Yes, I am.  Last Sunday I looked at the kitchen and said to Kevin, "I want a red kitchen." He agreed. We both hated the strange periwinkle blue that made the kitchen feel cold and open. The rest of our house is very warm feeling (so I think) and with my love for red, and the desire for a red kitchen, I jumped on it. Monday I came home with paint samples and a gallon of ceiling paint.
original kitchen during walk-through
Enter Thursday, three coats of red Cherry Cobbler paint and lots of blue tape, I have a red kitchen. It turned out amazing!  We picked the perfect color of red! It's warm, but not too bright, and just makes you feel all fuzzy inside. I think it's inviting! "Common in! Stay awhile and have a drink! Let me make you something tasty to eat!

To get a good paint line, let me share a tip I read and tried. This only works with painted woodwork. After putting down the blue tape, I painted the seam with the matching white color. That way, when I went over with the red, if anything bled through, the white did, not the red. It worked really well. I have a few errors, but this really helped keep them to a minimum.

Here's a not-so-great picture of the only full wall in the kitchen.
Behr Cherry Cobbler in Satin finish


The Michna's said...

I love the red, Erika! I a trying to get my husband to give me the okay to go red in our kitchen too.

Melissa said...

I absolutely love the red in the kitchen! I found your blog somehow... hunting you down from this:

I LOVE this idea, and I know it's off topic of your current blog, but did you use shadowboxes, or regular frames for the hats? I want to do the same thing. :)

Erika L. said...

@Melissa- Yes, shadowboxes from Michaels. They even come with the pins to hold the hat. I recovered the back with fabric on both, but you could easily used paper too. Very easy!

Please come and follow me! almost-3-daughter is finally in underwear. It WILL happen....don't worry!!


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