Monday, January 30, 2012

gretchen is ONE

I can't believe my little baby is ONE already! These last 365+ days have flown by so fast I'm not sure what happened. Gretchen has always been a happy girl, very happy-go-lucky. I was please that I've never had to rock her to sleep, however, she has spent a great deal of time waking up at night.

She's had to deal with a lot considering her sister pushes her around, steals her toys, and doesn't share. Even the dog wacks her with his tail and eats her food. She's the bottom of the food-chain but has somehow managed to hold her own around here. Gretchen's bedroom started out in our room, then she slept in the bathroom at my mom's house, got her own bedroom (although horribly pained with no decorations), and finally has a cute little room she can grow up in.

Here's a rundown of our dear little Gretchen.
  • Eats everyting you put in front of her. Loves noodles, blueberries, strawberries, PBJ, cheese, etc.
  • Drank whole milk at 11 months and made no fuss switching from formula.
  • Walks with the walker toy.
  • Stood for a max of 1 minute but hasn't yet attemped to walk on her own.
  • Loves to
  • Goes up any stairs when you are not looking.
  • Makes the sign for "milk" when she wants it
  • Says Dada and means it. We're still working on Mama.
  • We think she said doggie too.
  • Takes two short naps during the day and sleep around 11-12 hours at night but still wakes up plenty.
  • Wears size 5 wide shoes.
  • Is larger than her sister at the same age.
  • Grew 4 inches in the 6 months we've lived here.
  • Wants nothing to do with baby toys.
  • Chews on everything she can.
  • Crawls away when you catch her doing something naughty.
  • Loves her blankie, both full-size and travel size.
  • Still has a nookie.
  • Has rosy cheeks most of the time.
  • Gives mom and dad the best cuddly hugs and nuzzles.
We love you Gretchen!!

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