Sunday, October 16, 2011

video: army crawl action

I know, I've been sincerely lagging in the blogging department. It just doesn't seem to be too exciting around here right now. Things are great and normal.

However, a little Miss Gretchen has learned how to army crawl-- all over my family room. She can even make it into the bathroom. Nothing is safe around here anymore. We have to be super aware of what's on the ground and Charlotte's small toys must remain in her bedroom. In addition, with a dog and a back door, I think I vacuum like 2x a day. Argh. Nothing seems to stay clean around here!

Charlotte is doing really good with the potty training. We are on our 3rd potty chart. She still can't tell me before she has to pee but if I put her on the toilet on a regular schedule I can usually get her to go. I find when I space out and forget she always pees in her diaper. Charlotte is turning into a big kid for sure. Even though sweet at times, she continues to press our buttons. Lately, her favorite saying is, "What happened?" She asks that about everything!!

Oddly enough, we were at the Harry Potter movie last night and there was a little kid (not old enough for the movie in my opinion) who kept asking, "What happened?" after every scene in the movie. I guess Charlotte isn't the only one...

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Anonymous said...

Super adorable. And forgive my non-mommy question but I always wondered: Do babies get carpet burns on their knees when learning to crawl? I would think they would but I've never spent enough time around a crawler to know.


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