Friday, October 7, 2011

a fish story

I feel as though all my friends' toddlers are potty trained and want to wear fancy underwear. Mine, not so much. The potty chart worked for awhile and then lost it's appeal. I know Charlotte knows how to tinkle, but will not cannot tell me before she needs to go. For awhile now she's been one sticker shy of getting her fish and today I just knew how to make it happen.

We went to Pet Smart to look at the fish. Oh, the many fish! We even bought a fish bowl, rocks and a plant for the bowl. However, we did not buy a fish. I told Charlotte that if she tinkled when we got home and put a sticker on her chart, we would go get a fish.

Sure enough, we get home and she peed twice on the potty! (Note: I don't thinks she empties her bladder.) After that, she then filled three diapers all in a matter of like 40-minutes. But, after her nap, as I promised, the three of us (Gretchen) went to the store to buy a fish. Charlotte was SO excited!

Meet Eric Dorothy the fish
Here is Charlotte with her Beta Fish, Dorothy. At first she named him Eric (a.k.a. Prince Eric) and then changed it to Dorothy. Not sure she understands the concept of naming things. But, anyways, I then decided to put her on the potty every 30 minutes-ish. She's tinkled a total of 6 times this afternoon. I'm so excited. We have a new potty chart with new prizes to work towards. After all, I want my kid to wear fancy underwear too!
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