Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the cabin is finished

This weekend we all moved our stuff into the cabin. Grandma and Grandpa LaPean had been working so hard on things and it sure paid off. We went up with the kids and got our bedroom all set up, including the beds in the loft area. I thought for sure Charlotte would be afraid to sleep up there so she slep with me on Friday night. I should have known better, she was dying to sleep up there and stayed in the loft with her Dad on Saturday night. She had a blast and keeps asking, "Where's my bed?"

The weather was perfect and more family came to check out the place. We had dinner on Saturday with the family and enjoyed their company all day. The kids did super this weekend. Of course, it was easy to feel at home in the new cabin. I think I can spend lots of time up there.

Gretchen rocked on all-fours a few times this weekend. Sadly, that means she'll be crawling even faster, and very soon. I already have my work cut out for me! It's gonna be a long winter...

Charlotte is Mother Nature's child. She spent all weekend outside going for Ranger rides, looking at the huge wasp hive, looking for spiders, playing in the dirt and killing bugs. My Aunt Susie had a 9-week-old puppy over and it was a perfect toddler-size. Charlotte sure was loving that little thing. Next thing I know she'll be asking Santa for a puppy!

My quilts look fantastic in the cabin. It's a good place for them and I'm happy they have a good home.

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