Wednesday, September 14, 2011

high school all over again

Beware, this is a small vent. Thanks to a few events today, I'm fairly angry. Farmers Insurance and Wells Fargo's miscommunication didn't help much. I'm so frustrated with clique's and excluding individuals. I suffered through this in high school and really didn't want to go through it as an adult. There was a little of this in my last MOMS Club and I tried hard to stay away from it. Unfortunately, I'm seeing it again and it just makes me mad. Sure I like certain moms more than others, that's normal. My personality meshes better with others, but when it comes down to it, I try really hard not to exclude people. Especially since at one point or another, I know I'll find myself in the same position.

Gretchen, sweet Gretchen, isn't so sweet around 4 p.m. Come on over, you'll see.

With that said, I'm just upset. Thanks Wells Fargo.

On a positive note, we started a new playgroup this week with the Cedarburg MOMS and it went really well. Having moved I was forced to join the local chapter of the MOMS Club, I was previously part of the Mequon MOMS. I like our new group and the kids played super well together. I'm glad Charlotte has the opportunity to play with so many different kids in one week.
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