Sunday, September 18, 2011

get your scream on

Yesterday was a perfect day. I went to Great America with three friends and the weather was absolutely amazing, there were no lines, and it was the last day of the season. Not too hot, not too cold. Just perfect. I spent about 10 hours at the park walking around and riding roller coasters. With a discounted ticket and the amount of rides we went on, we figured each ride to cost $2.10. Now that's a cheap thrill if you ask me!

Kristin, Superman, Me
Kristin and I love roller coasters but our husbands do not. Luckily two of our girlfriends also hate roller coasters but their husbands love them. We took Dave and Jeff to Great America with us. It was so much fun we might have to do it again next year providing I'm not pregnant or something. I hadn't been there in almost five years, Kristin around 10 and the boys around five years so there was plenty of new stuff for us to see as well.

Here's the breakdown of our rides:

Batman (4) - 2x in front
Raging Bull (3) - 1x in front
Superman (2) - too scared for the front
The Dark Knight (1) - don't waste your time
Vertical Velocity a.k.a. V2 (1)
Viper (2)
Whizzer (1) - 1976 classic, first coaster in the park
American Eagle (2) - forwards and backwards
The Little Dipper (1) - 1950s restored classic
Six Flags Train (1)
Carousel (1)

The lines were so short we managed to go on Batman in the FIRST row, get off and get back on in the SECOND row in a mere 17 minutes. We were so beat by the end of the day with no lines. I've never been on so many roller coasters in my life! Raging Bull was by far our favorite. Although it doesn't do upside down, the drop and steep turns are sure to give you a great thrill. Superman was the scariest for me. There's nothing like riding a coster while starring at the ground.
Superman roller coaster at Six Flags
Thank you, Kevin, for staying home with the girts. We walked around all day and saw kids in strollers who were most definitely miserable and were very thankful that ours were not there.
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Anonymous said...

Oh man, the Dark Knight is my favorite ride. I always ride that one in the first row.


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