Friday, August 19, 2011

curtains for thing two

I finally finished some curtains for Gretchen's room. Well, I have one panel left to complete, but the other three are up! I've looked long and hard for curtains that match her walls. They are a very strange purple color, but I like it, but am having a hard time matching things. Of course Pottery Barn had some, but spending $200 on curtains was not on my list. Charlotte has 2 out of 4 needed panels from PB Kids in her room so I was trying to cut corners. 

A few weeks ago I found this lavender fabric and knew that it was it. Lavender isn't such a hot color I guess, it's hard to find. However, there was only 4 yards of it and I would have needed eight to make panels in all print. So, I did this reverse with the Kona Natural and Kona Melon. I also ordered the 'cheap' blackout fabric and it's not exactly blackout, but does darken the room more than it was. Thanks to it all arrived at my doorstep. 

gretchen's curtains
I lightly followed this curtain lining tutorial from Jerisew(s). The sewing worked out well, they look very  well made.

I'm not in LOVE with the curtains but they are cute and will look nice in the room. My vision from paper to fabric wasn't exact. Once there is a bed in the room with a matching quilt, it will all fall into place. (Already bought that fabric too.) I think the more the curtains hang the more they will lay properly. Overall, it's a nice addition to her very bare room. Besides, anything is better than a receiving blanket hanging with blue tape...

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